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Suggest a note taking app for iPad

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AJ Robins64

on Sep 7, 2011

(The following is mainly for handwriting-based apps.)

Evernote is OK on iOS, but it's crippled: editing is limited (e.g., you can't edit clipped web pages, as you can on the web or windows), and you can't create ink notes (like you can on windows).

Noteshelf is also OK, but the default paper is wide-lined and the pages are narrow. I like to fit a lot of writing and diagrams on a page, and I have a hard time doing that with noteshelf.

Penultimate is a good bargain, but it's a bit bare-bones. You can't zoom into a page when writing, and/or it doesn't have a zoomed-in-box for entering text.

My current favorite is Notes Plus. The default paper lines are narrow, and you can zoom into a page when writing. The zoomed-in text box input is also nice, as it shows you a little bit of the preceding text when entering new text (a competing app shows nothing, which makes it really hard to figure out where to write new text). The wrist protection feature also works well (unlike some other apps).

I haven't tried UPAD, although it does look nice.

I also haven't tried 7notes. It's expensive, and the customer reviews make a bit wary. It's also just been released, and so I'll definitely wait a bit.



on Sep 16, 2011

I think this category needs to be divided up because handwriting note taking is different fom just note taking. In any event Noteshelf is the best handwriting note taker ou there. I can't live without it at work.


islam lee4

on Apr 17, 2012

Good idea for the rank

But i do not use anymore EverNote because i have discovered recently a very good app " Beesy "

I have been using Ipad for 2 years. I used EverNote and then Awesome Note for a long time and their ability to sync but both had a disadvantage ; the lack of features to accommodate tasks, to-do and make monitoring

So i was seeking an alternative app to save time for my meeting. I have almost testest all the apps on Notes/ ToDo on the APPstore and I must admit I am still surprised they do not fit with a pro use. I have just discovered Beesy, an note taking and management app ToDo which apparently include taking notes with a business way. I have tried for several days and until now i'm really satisfied by Beesy. It's really efficient and maybe the only disadavantage is you need time to use it efficiently. I guess this App really deserve we spend a little bit time to understand it

I love shortcuts of Beesy's icons in order to use it quicky and easily add notes. Also, the advantage is to submit easily by email minutes about my different meeting

Guys, if yu are interested yu can google "Beesy" of go to the website


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