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Suggest a todo app for iPad

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Ellen Loehman2

on Sep 7, 2011

I've tried a bunch of these and none does what I want. I'm thinking that maybe Apple will include something awesome in their iCloud service? Or is that just wishful thinking? I've already invested in Pocket Informant, LifeTopix and Smart Pad.


AJ Robins64

on Sep 7, 2011

@Ellen iCloud just has Reminders, which is only a basic todo list that synchronizes with iCloud. In terms of features, apps like Pocket Informant and 2Do have more power and flexibility. If you need cloud sync, note that google tasks is pretty barebones, too, and anything that syncs with google tasks is likely going to be on the feature-thin side for todos.


Chevenement David0

on Mar 5, 2012

On my side I have an Ipad since day 1, have been using a lot Evernote for its syncing capabilities but it lacks meetings oriented feature such as actions, to-do and follow-up.

I'm always looking for a replacement App as I think we could gain a lot of time if it was done correctly.

I've tested nearly every notes / todo app on the Appstore in 2 years, I have to admit I'm still amazed how difficult they are to use in a work environment.

I just discovered ", an iPad To-Do app , that seems to have understand note taking from a business perspective. I tried it for a few days and for the moment I'm quite thrilled, even a bit too powerful at the beginning.

I particularly love the fast and nice Icons to add different kind of notes / actions and the instant meeting minutes you can send.

Another great thing I've been appreciating: it reuses my notes / tasks from the meeting in the To-Do manager, yes you read correctly ! Huge time saver.

Only drawback so far: a few glitches here and there, but nothing compromising the use of the App and the lack of iPhone sync at the moment but the devs at said they're on it for a future release.


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