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Add an External Review SwiftKey X (Phone) Reviews

Jim Weda6

on Sep 30, 2011

5 More a 4.5 to be fair...

5 should really be a perfect app in every way possible. Since there is never going to be a Perfect 5 app I think if you are 95% satisfied with it then that would warrant a 5 rating.

This app is like the perfect woman. Beautiful UI, awesome in landscape mode, (alright, stop it) anticipates your thoughts, idea's and grows with you. I love this app. The developers did a fantastic job and I am constantly surprised that it seems to constantly learns my thought process. I've had many instances where I would just hit the space bar or one of the words on the list.

The only issue I have and I hope its not something I've missed but it's a bit cramped for me in portrait mode. This is when Swype raises its hand and would like to take over. SwiftKey X also works great with the physical keyboard on my Samsung Epic 4G which caught me off guard.

If I were typing this on SwiftKey X it would go something like this...

"You Swype'd my Thumb Keyboard, (Beansoft) and left me with SwiftKey X." Now that would be on awesome keyboard app. Until that happens I will be using SK X except in portrait mode unless its very short text. Thanks for a great app!


Update: I actually decided to just give SwiftKey X the "thumb" typing test and I have to say having the "option" to "Swype" or hunt and peck might be a better option. In just one day the "A.I." predictability of this app has grown exponentially. I'm wondering when it will hit its limit unless it is only dependent on available memory. Awesome app and everyone should at least give it a test run.

Theme's and customizable keyboard are part of Thumb Keyboard (Beansoft). I'd love to see this in SwiftKey X.