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Alex Tolstrup5

on Sep 19, 2011

Like Old Delicious

It looks and feels like Delicious in the good old simple days.

Brian Morykon1.3k

on Jan 3, 2012

5 Everything you need, nothing you don't

As Alex mentioned in his review, Pinboard is like Delicious 1.0. And that's a great thing. It's light, fast and simple web bookmarking. It's what you'd expect. There's a nice Chrome extension as well.

If the interface is too plain jane for your taste, you can use one of the alternate stylesheets out there. I like this one:

Sign up is a one time fee of around $10. Yes, there are free options elsewhere. But the small cost is a deterrent to spammers. And I like the idea of supporting a small developer who is providing a great service.