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on Sep 16, 2011

4 Much better control than the competition

CrashPlan's app provides a level of control that is leagues beyond Mozy, BackBlaze, or Carbonite (the others I've tried). Slice your computer's data into "Backup sets" and prioritize the sets, including time of day, bandwidth limits per, etc.

Web access to your files is only okay (you select files, it zips them and makes them available to download), so as a cloud-based storage option this isn't the best. But as a backup service, it is the best, IMO.

Anthony Hildoer0

on Feb 26, 2013

5 After 5+ Years, 5 "stars"

I have been using Crashplan for 5+ years for business solutions. The support of all OSes, constant rolling backups and unlimited storage are the nicest features. The restore features could use a few more features, like filtering by delete date, which would help restoring only the files you want when you accidentally delete a large set of files. But, its better to restore more than less, so its close to perfect.

Some other notable features are bandwidth throttling, CPU throttling and scheduling, so you can make sure your backups are not consuming too many resources at the wrong time.