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Any of 37 Signals products are shining examples of simplicity. We use BaseCamp at our company to do the impossible - stay on the same page. While our IT group has struggled to roll out Sharepoint or Quickr, I introduced BaseCamp to a few, and it spread virally on it's own. That's why it's great.

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William Riker11

on Oct 2, 2012

3 Not Freemium

A 30 day free trial is not the same as being freemium. If that were the case every video game with a demo should be freemium.

As a small start up every dollar I spend is at least two I have to make. Not having a free version for only a handful of users (in my case 5-10) is a poor choice. I can't even try it out without burning through my 30 days before I have to pay.

That said, if my business expands the the point I have 30+ users working on multiple projects, I may reconsider. For that the $20 a month isn't as bad, especially compared to other options.