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Kelli Downing5

on Sep 17, 2011

3 An okay app

It does note taking and clipping well, but not quite as well as Evernote. A desktop app would make this app much better.

Royce Hall0 Added External Review

on Sep 19, 2011

How to Organize Your Life with Springpad

Looks at both SpringPad and Evernote.

Additional note in response to Kelli's comment - there is a plugin for Google's Chrome browser that works well on the desktop.

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Corina Mackay177

on Oct 11, 2011

3 Too slow

I used Springpad for a few months, and while I liked the app itself, the browser extension was too slow, defeating the purpose.

Vijay Gopal24

on Oct 25, 2011

5 God but can improve

They can add a desktop app to be evernote's best alternative

Vijay Gopal24

on Nov 9, 2011

5 Good app

But can use desktop client and offline capabilities for firefox