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Brian Morykon1.3k

on Dec 23, 2011

5 Good balance of structure plus freehand entry

There are a lot of great tools in this space. But for my simple needs (one person, many projects), I've landed on Toggl. Harvest was a bit too structured. Freckle felt a bit froofy and almost too freeform. SlimTimer, my previous tool, works well but had some downtime and development seems to have stopped.

Toggl has a good balance of structure plus freehand entry. The web interface is fast, lightweight, and gets out of your way. It's modern but not trendy, which is exactly what you want for an everyday tool.

I worked with a company that did time reports out of Basecamp, and Toggl's Basecamp sync worked without a hitch.

Toggl's built in reports work well. They're nothing fancy but they don't need to be. They're clean, easy to read, and easy to export.

For mobile, they've switched to a mobile-optimized site rather than native apps. While a native app would be nice, the mobile web interface is slick and mimics the main web interface, so switching between the two feels natural.

As of the time of this review Toggl doesn't have built in invoicing or other extra features--it's pure time tracking. So if you're looking for a complete solution, look at Harvest or Freshbooks. But for time tracking, Toggl's got my vote.