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Daniel Perkins415

on Sep 2, 2011

5 One of two best cloud storage options

This is my first choice even though it has a lower sized free usage tier. (Currently 2GB as compared to SugarSyncs 5GB) Used in conjunction with BoxCyrptor, it becomes a fairly secure method of handing files over to other computers and/or mobile devices.

Brian Morykon1.3k Added External Review

on Sep 19, 2011

4 Dropbox Review & Rating |

Dropbox is a superbly implemented cloud-based automatic file-synchronization service that's ideal for working with files you can store in a single folder.

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on Sep 7, 2011

Security concerns

Please read and be aware of recent (2011) security problems that dropbox has had before committing sensitive data to this service.

Brian Morykon1.3k

on Dec 6, 2011

5 Easy to use, hard to live without

For the last couple years I've saved all my important files to Dropbox on my Mac. Whenever a file is saved to the Dropbox folder it's uploaded in the background. At first I was concerned about the reliability of all that uploading and that it would slow down my internet. But I do this all day every day and it's yet to fail. And in the rare case where a big file is uploading and clogging things up you can pause the sync. Having files available from any device anytime has proved invaluable.

Recently I got a new Mac. With every previous Mac I've done the automatic transfer where you plug the old computer up to the new one. This time I wanted to start fresh. I was amazed how much of what I really needed was in Dropbox. I installed the handful of apps I actually use everyday, Dropbox did it's thing and downloaded my files (which it did over the LAN because my old computer was still hooked up) and I was up and running.

I'm still on the free plan since I referred a few people which upped my space. As far as I'm concerned there's little not to like about Dropbox.

Disclaimer: I get free space if you click through from Apps & Oranges--at least until my partner Matt puts his link in :). But I call it like I see it, and I really like Dropbox.