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H. von Vogelsang0

on Oct 3, 2012

5 The best iOS task manager that syncs over iCloud and Google Tasks

Steps is probably the best task manager on iOS that syncs over iCloud and Google Tasks.

It has a single view philosophy. You see it all in the same view. Pages don’t exist in Steps, you never have to leave the view to create and edit your lists, notes or reminders. Automatic sorting shows your next due tasks at the top of your lists. Just set a due date and time. Your Open list always knows the next task to work on. Add a due date and time for open tasks. Steps will remind you at the time you added. A red badge on your Steps icon will show how many reminders you missed. Use notes to remember more text than your task title. Write longer notes, or simply store items to remember, names, street addresses, phone numbers or URLs.

This app puts the productivity back in your day!