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Ecoute is a standalone player based on your iTunes library. Fetch your Music, Movies, TV Shows and Podcasts! Stay connected with your friends and share your music tastes using, Twitter and Facebook.

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Kirill Dronov57

on Nov 18, 2011

5 Minimal but powerful

Ecoute is your iTunes library without the bloat, but still retains power and even adds more features. It starts up in under 1 second, plays music instantly, and is easy to browse with either keyboard or mouse (has support for gestures)., Facebook, and Twitter integration is especially useful. Also great options for a remote, album artwork and lyrics.

Kirill Dronov57 Added External Review

on Nov 18, 2011

Ecoute 3.0 Brings New UI, Queue, Lion Features

If you’ve been looking for a fresh new way to access your media library in a standalone, easy-to-use app while leaving iTunes to perform heavier tasks such as TV show and movie management. The app is elegant, responsive, fully updated for Lion, and you’ll be able to customize it with themes.

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