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Brian Morykon1.3k

on Dec 19, 2011

5 Fantastic for small projects and teams

We've been using Trello for the last few months to manage the app development here at Apps & Oranges. We tried a few different apps:

- Producteev. At the time we used it it was not possible to manually sort items. That made it a deal breaker. Plus the interface just didn't feel quite right. As soon as there were more than a handful of items it felt overwhelming.

- Fogbugz. Absolutely overkill for our needs. Too cumbersome to edit cases.

- Backpack (from 37signals). This is probably the closest to Trello in terms of simplicity. It is a little too loose for our needs, e.g. lacks the ability to assign todos to people.

Even though FogBugz wasn't a good fit for our needs, we're fans of the people behind it, especially Fogcreek head honcho Joel Spolsky. There's a good reputation there for building solid, usable apps.

The concept behind Trello is simple: index cards pinned to different boards. Clicking a card allows you to enter optional details like description, checklists, and comments.

There's something very powerful about seeing things spread out horizontally. On a widescreen you can take in 50-60 items at a time without it feeling overwhelming. A vertical list of 50 items makes me want to run away. Trello's layout also gives you a spacial sense of where cards are located, and the ability to feel how many items there are in each list.

The downside is that there isn't a way to automatically sort things, say by priority. Everything in Trello is based moving cards around manually. That's why it wouldn't work well for managing a huge project with thousands of tasks. There's filtering, but it's basic. But for small projects and teams (there's two of us), it works really well.

Here's a quick idea of how we use it. We have 5 boards: Ideas, Next, In Progress, Implemented, Deployed. Bugs are labeled red and put at the top of the Next board, which is a list of things that will appear in our next release. Features we deem important are moved from Ideas to Next and usually assigned to Matt or I. When we start working on something we move it to In Progress.

As an aside, the keyboard shortcuts are great. If you're turned off at first by the seeming lack of ability to easily do things like archive a card, check the keyboard shortcuts reference. They can be a little finicky sometime, but they're on the right track and I'm sure they'll iron out the quirks.

There are a improvements we'd love to see, like the ability to work with multiple cards at once and faster search. But overall, we're impressed and it fits our modest needs well.

Farid Mheir5

on Mar 22, 2012

5 Simple and easy to use

Simple and effective interface based on cards and lists. Easy to use and learn. Works well across platforms: laptop-ipad-iphone-android

Visual layout very effective, especially in wide hires display.

Works great with teams, just invite and setup an account.

Alternative I've considered

- basecamp: more expensive and somehow feels more limited

- planbox: easy but still feels limited

- evernote, google docs, google tasks: too limited


on Dec 22, 2011

4 Powerfully simple

I love using Trello. It's just simple and makes it easy to manage todo's in a visual style, laid out for my workflow (very similar to Brian's). There's lots of room for improvement, but until I write my own project management app, I will use Trello. I highly recommend it.

Shawn Erquhart5

on Jun 19, 2012

4 Best to-do app on the web. Period.

And I've tried almost all of 'em. Trello is simple without being stingy on the features, thorough without inducing options fatigue. Perfect for personal and business todo, with powerful team collaboration functionality.

I'm about to dump my Wunderkit account for this. They've really nailed it.