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Elevator Pitch

The software is free to use on the web. You can sync your bookmarks between browsers and how you have it organized is how it stays organized. Automatic backups are persistent on their servers and you never lose anything. Absolutely Brilliant.

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John Tropiano Jr.5

on Sep 8, 2011

5 Best Bookmark syncing tool

Do you use multiple computers? One at work and one at home? Maybe a laptop and a desktop? Want all your bookmarks in all places? This is the application you need.

It's an extension you can drop into your favorite browser or heck ANY browser and you are all in sync.

Xmarks keeps all things in sync on all platforms. It even has mobile applications(although this is a pay feature) that grant you access to your bookmarks. Or you could log in to their mobile website and get to them that way, which is free!

You can't go wrong with cross platform, cross browser compatibility.

It's a win.