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Ronald Washington10 Added External Review

on Oct 15, 2011

5 SugarSync Manager

SugarSync Desktop offers a complete, but sufficiently compact desktop manager for viewing and arranging the multimedia files that will be stored online as part of the SugarSync service to be retrieved via the SugarSync client on a Mac, other Windows laptops, a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone, or from your personal Web address from any other Web-friendly device.

SugarSync gets high ratings for its ease of use, reliability, and above all, its speed. There are nice extra features, like the Magic Briefcase that house on all platforms and devices the content you drop into it, and a quick link to your personal Web site. A search field would not go amiss, especially if you're not certain of your file's location and haven't had the foresight to include your file into the briefcase. Despite that, this service makes mincemeat of many competitors in the remote access space for its ability to monitor multiple computers and platforms with little fuss.

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