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Apps & Oranges helps people find and recommend the best apps for getting stuff done. It's social Q&A: Question & Apps. For example:

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How do I ask a new question?

First Sign Up. Then from the dropdown menu at the top choose the platform you want to ask the question in, then type your question in the search box.

How do I add an app?

An app is added as answers to a question. Search for or add a new question, then begin typing an app in the Suggest box.

Why do I have to use Facebook or Twitter to sign up?

Great users means great content. We want apps and comments that people are willing to put their names on. Using Facebook and Twitter for account creation provides a little bit of accountability. It's not perfect, of course, but it does help weed out the passing troll. We may add additional ways to sign up later.

What does the little number beside a person's name mean?

That's a user's reputation. Points are given when questions, apps and comments are voted up.

Can I add an app without it being an answer to a question?

Not currently. We're not trying to create a comprehensive directory of every app in the universe. The goal is to build a site that helps people make informed, quick decisions about choosing the best apps for doing X.

What if I spell my question wrong or want to change my question?

Currently question text can't be edited. Tweet us at @appsandoranges and we'll fix it.

Why did my question get removed?

Either it was too generic to be useful (eg. what are the best "creative" apps) or an admin deemed it not appropriate. Apps & Oranges is about stacking apps against each other, so if the question garners unrelated apps (eg. what are the best "pretty icon" apps), then it'll get removed.

What about duplicate/similar questions?

We are working on a solution to merge duplicate questions.

How does Apps & Oranges make money?

All App Sore links are affiliate links. And we look for other ways to use affiliate links throughout the site. it's important to note we don't give special preference to apps who have affiliate links. Apps at the top have been voted there by users.

The ability to sponsor apps and questions is coming soon.

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